Pyrolysis oil applications

Pyrolysis oil applications


Interesting applications for pyrolysis oil include Heat & Power, Automotive fuels and Biorefineries. At the moment these are in varying stages of development, with only Heat & Power having been demonstrated at a commercial scale. The long-term vision is to focus more on the biorefinery concept where pyrolysis oil is (one of the) raw materials for biobased chemicals and automotive fuelsRecently biorefining of pyrolysis oil has gained an increasing amount of attention around the world. BTG-BTL is involved in the oil production and heat and power applications while its parent company BTG Biomass Technology Group is dedicated to the research and development of higher value added pyrolysis oil applications.

Current focus for pyrolysis oil application is on small or large scale (co-) combustion in natural gas, coal or heating oil fired boilers, furnaces and turbines. These systems are usually found in power plants where electricity, heat and steam are produced. Boilers, furnaces and turbines are also found at large industrial companies to supply their demand for electricity, heat and steam.

Pyrolysis oil properties

The higher heating value (HHV) of pyrolysis oil is 16-23 MJ/l compared to 37 MJ/l for fossil fuel oils.

Heat and Power

Pyrolysis oil can replace heavy and light fuel oils or natural gas in existing electricity plants. Even more interesting is its use in local CHP solutions.

Sustainable transport fuels

Pyrolysis oil as such is not suited for direct use as a transportation fuel. After some further treatment however it can be co-refined or upgraded to a 2nd generation transport fuel.

Biobased Chemicals

Pyrolysis oil contains a large amount of different components and can be the basis for a huge number of new products and chemicals.