For biomass owners

As a biomass owner you continuously seek for new opportunities to add more value to your biomass. Your biomass contains a large amount of green carbon and energy and you would like to use this in a way that is beneficial to both yourself and the environment.

You may not yet have considered pyrolysis, which converts your biomass residues into a liquid form. This opens the way to many applications for your biomass, like the production of energy and in the near future the production of biofuels and biobased chemicals.

On this page we gathered some information that is of specific interest to those who have a large non-food biomass residue stream. Explore our website to see why pyrolysis technology may be an interesting oppertunity for you.

Pages that may be of specific interest to you.

Heat and Power

Pyrolysis oil can replace heavy and light fuel oils or natural gas in existing electricity plants. Even more interesting is its use in local CHP solutions.


Our projects have included pyrolysis oil production plants, basis of design studies, consulting on pyrolysis oil applications, client feedstock testing and oil sample deliveries.

Mission and Vision

BTG-BTL wants to contribute to a cleaner energy supply by substituting fossil fuels with fuels from renewable sources. 


Is my feedstock suitable for the pyrolysis process? Are these plants commercially available?