BTG-BTL pyrolysis

Pyrolysis oil is a clean and uniform liquid that can be used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for the production of renewable energy and chemicals. It is obtained through a process called fast pyrolysis, which transforms biomass into a liquid. As a technology supplier BTG-BTL delivers the engineering package, plant automation and the core components for pyrolysis plants. [...]

Pyrolysis based biorefinery

Pyrolysis oil is the product of heating of biomass without oxygen. Pyrolysis technology in its most traditional and simple form is heat oak or beech resulting in a dense smoke for smoking fish or meat. Cooling the dense smoke results in an oil called pyrolysis oil. Biomass is a natural product that contains carbon. Examples are wood, straw and other organic residues or by-products of agriculture [...]

Empyro factsheet

The main aim of EMPYRO is the local commercial demonstration of the fast pyrolysis concept from biomass supply, through the pyrolysis conversion step, to oil application. EMPYRO is a polygeneration plant that will produce pyrolysis oil, process steam, and electricity from woody biomass. The produced oil is [...]


List of BTG articles

The Research & Technology Development business unit has written multiple papers on bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials. Most of these papers have been published in well known journals. References of papers have been collected in this document on their website on for example pyrolysis, gasification, supercritical water reforming and chemicals & bio-materials.