11th issue April 2019

BTG-BTL has sold its first pyrolysis plant to Green Fuel Nordic oy. It will be build in Lieksa,Finland in 2020.

10th issue December 2018

In this special edition of our newsletter we announce the hand-over over Empyro to its new owner Twence. 

9th issue November 2017

In this newsletter for the first time we share performance figures from Empyro.

8th issue August 2016

In this special edition of our newsletter we highlight the agreement we signed with Technip to design and build pyrolysis plants for biomass-to-oil production. An exciting new development for our company and our technology!

7th issue June 2016

After releasing our first video at the opening of the Empyro plant we are excited to release another 4 minute video today. 

6th issue December 2015

In this newsletter you can find an interview with Erik Lievers, the province of Overijssel Representative for Energy, Environment and Europe. Furthermore, you'll find an update of Empyro and an announcement of our new webshop that is about to come online. 

5th issue May 2015

In our latest newsletter you will find an interview with Martin Risseeuw, plant manager at Empyro, on the challenges he encountered. Also included is a brief report on the official opening of Empyro and the accompanying international symposium last Wednesday and Thursday. 

Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

4rd issue December 2014

In this newsletter you can find an interview with Kees Sinke, the project manager for the construction of the Empyro plant, an update on construction progress, and the latest news and tweets. Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

3rd issue September 2014

In this issue you will find an interview with Saskia Strating, process engineer at HoSt, updates on the construction of EMPYRO and more. Ook beschikbaar in  het Nederlands.

2nd issue May 2014

Here you will find an interview with Mr. Johan ter Harmsel, the managing director of Zeton. Next an update is given on the progress of the construction of the Empyro plant and we introduce Empyro's newly contracted plant manager. Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

1st issue February 2014

In this first newsletter you will find a short interview with Gerhard Muggen, managing director of BTG-BTL, an update of the progress of EMPYRO and some background information about FrieslandCampina, the first customer of EMPYRO to apply pyrolysis oil commercially.