Pyrolysis oil production plants

PyroCell Sweden plant 1

First announced by Setra Group and Preem in 2018, the Pyrocell pyrolysis plant in Gävle, Sweden..

Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa plant 1

In 2019 BTG-BTL started construction of its second Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil production plant.

Empyro plant

In 2015 BTG-BTL delivered this commercial scale pyrolysis plant in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

Malaysia plant

In 2005, BTG installed a 2 t/h production plant in Malaysia, using Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) as feedstock. 

Basis of Design studies

BTL has delivered a number of pyrolysis plant BoD's ranging from 2 to 80 t/h for large clients in South-America, North-America and Europe. These BoD's provide essential information for a business case on which the client can base its final investment decision. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Pyrolysis oil application consultancy

Together with BTG we helped numerous potential users of the pyrolysis oil to build a business case.  We have also actively promoted the application of pyrolysis oil in the heat and power sector by initiating several joint research projects. Typical examples include:

Gas turbine CHP for University of Twente

In this beautifully designed structure pyrolysis oil will be converted into heat and electricity, which will be distributed underground across the Twente university campus.

Burner tests

For the usage of pyrolysis oil on boilers, modification of the burner and fuel system are required. Recently BTG Bioliquids has been working with burner suppliers to enable them to offer such systems commercially.

Feedstock tests

In the past years feedstock tests have been carried out for clients using BTG-BTL pyrolysis technology with over 45 different kinds of feedstock.

Oil sample deliveries

In recent years BTL has delivered oil samples ranging from 1 litre to several tankcontainers containing 24 tons of pyrolysis oil each to customers all around the world. Samples have been ordered for development (R&D) purposes and for large scale tests with pyrolysis oil. For your convenience we have recently opened a webshop for pyrolysis oil samples.