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Financial support

To demonstrate pyrolysis technology on a commercial scale the Empyro project is financially supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (Grant number 239357), by the Dutch government via the topsector Energy: TKI-BBE and by the province of Overijssel via the Energy Fund Overijssel.





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Empyro project

Empyro project

In January 2014 Empyro BV has started construction of its pyrolysis oil production facility in Hengelo, the Netherlands. Start-up of the installation has commenced early 2015 and production is gradually being increased. Empyro BV is jointly owned by BTG BioLiquids, Tree Power, the province of Overijssel and a private investor. BTG BioLiquids considers success of the Empyro project as the first leap towards full-scale fast pyrolysis technology commercialization. In the Empyro project the fast pyrolysis technology has been further enhanced and the installation and supply chain will be a reference case for potential customers. The supply of biomass has been organized locally with a specialized partner. Part of the demo character of the plant is that in a later stage various types of feedstock will be tested. The complete design has been finalized in cooperation with the well-known industrial companies Stork-Thermeq, AkzoNobel, Zeton and HoSt. Empyro has been constructed on the premises of AkzoNobel.

Project progress

Project progress

October 2017 it was announced in our newsletter that after a period of gradual improvements the Empyro plant has reached 100% of its nameplate capacity. Empyro passed the 20 million liter mark, making it the world leader in terms of pyrolysis oil production.

May 2015 We had an opening ceremony with national and international guests to celebrate the start of pyrolysis oil production in Hengelo! 

December 2014 it was announced in our newsletter that the Empyro construction phase has been completed according to schedule. The newsletters can be accessed online through this link.

May 2014 Mr. Theo Rietkerk (Representative Economy, Energy and Innovation of the Province of Overijssel) has performed the ceremony that marks the start of construction activities on the site of the Empyro factory.

January 2014 Empyro announced it has reached financial close and construction has started. After previous financial commitments from the EU (FP7) and the Dutch government (TKI-BBE) the final step was made possible through equity investments by the province of overijssel (EFO) and a local investor.

March 2013 preparations for the start of construction of the Empyro plant entered their final stage with the contracting of Zeton, Stork and HoSt.
February 2012 Empyro B.V. organised a signing session and press conference. During this event essential permits, loans and letters of intent were handed over or signed.


Updates on the progress of the Empyro project and achieved milestones will be added to the news section of this website. An impression of the plant can be found in the project brochure below or in the downloads section.

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