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Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa project

April 2nd 2019 BTG-BTL announced it had signed a contract with a client for the construction of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil production plant. The project is being implemented by TechnipFMC’s office in Zoetermeer, a company listed on the NYSE stock exchange in New York as well as the stock exchange in Paris. The firm of Zeton, also based in Enschede, is responsible for manufacturing the core unit of the production facility. Like with Empyro the components of the prefab facilities will first be built in the Netherlands, shipped and then reassembled in Finland on location.

The client, Green Fuel Nordic Lieksa Oy, will produce 20 million litres of oil per year that will be used for various production facilities in Finland and the Netherlands. The pyrolysis plant will be located next to a sawmill in Lieksa, in the east of Finland. The sawdust from the sawmill serves as raw material for the oil production, and the steam released as a result is used sustainably for the internal plant processes. The pyrolysis plant is expected to open end 2020. Timo Saarelainen, CEO of Green Fuel Nordic, is proud of being able to start up the pyrolysis project in Lieksa. ‘I’m convinced that pyrolysis will play a very important role in the bio-based transition of the economy, and this production facility is proof of that. It is the first of a series of investments in future facilities.’

‘We can honestly say that we’re talking about “non-fossil non-food” oil’, explains Gerhard Muggen, managing director of BTG-BTL. ‘Our oil is an excellent alternative for fossil fuels and does not require the exploitation of agricultural land or forests. It really is a sustainable form of energy. The contract with Green Fuel Nordic Oy is an important step in the international rollout of our technology and proves that clients believe in the potential of pyrolysis as a source of renewable fuel. We are very happy that a country such as Finland, which is a leader in the area of sustainability, has chosen to deploy our Dutch-sourced technology.’