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Malaysia plant

In 2005, BTG installed a 2 t/h production plant in Malaysia, using Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) as feedstock. The plant was first constructed in modules in the Netherlands and consequently shipped to Malaysia. EFB is a leftover from palm oil mill processing, which at present is incinerated without recovering of the heat. EFB is taken directly from a nearby palm mill. EFB is pressed, shredded, dried and converted to pyrolysis oil. The heat required for drying of the EFB (65 wt.% moisture) is taken from the pyrolysis plant.

Main achievements include:

  • over 1,000 tons of oil have been produced
  • pyrolysis oil is co-fired, replacing conventional diesel in a waste disposal system located 300 km from site
  • drying of EFB to 5 wt.% moisture is achieved using the excess heat from the pyrolysis process
  • oil quality can be controlled by the operating conditions
  • energy recovered from the process can be used effectively for drying the “very” wet EFB, and potentially to generate the required electricity

During the development of the process BTG-BTL gained a lot of experience with the “complex” feedstock EFB. EFB has a low density (80 kg/m3), it has a fibrous structure and has a low ash melting temperature (700 °C). By modifying the feeding system, it was possible to overcome the low density and fibrous structure of the feed material. By optimising the process conditions in the combustor, it was possible to prevent melting of the EFB ash. 

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