BTG-BTL services

The core business of BTG-BTL is the delivery and deployment of our patented fast pyrolysis technology. To ensure the success of these projects BTG-BTL offers several complementary services. In addition to the services listed below we also handle requests for other services, provided they fall within the framework of our mission and vision.

Currently BTG-BTL is expanding its expertise in these fields in the Empyro project. These first-hand experiences enable us to place ourselves in the position of our customers and provide them with the best services in the field of pyrolysis project development.

Feedstock testing

This is a paid test which is required for determining the suitability of a clients preferred feedstock for pyrolysis and take this into account in the plant design.

Pyrolysis oil webshop

Pyrolysis oil samples from our Empyro plant can be ordered for research and development purposes (starting at two litres) or for large scale tests with pyrolysis oil (up to several hundreds of tonnes).

Pyrolysis oil application consultancy

The application of pyrolysis oil is a crucial part of defining a business case. Over the years BTL has gathered a lot of expertise in pyrolysis oil applications, especially heat and power.

Feasibility studies

After a preliminary feasibility assessment we will decide on the next phase of a pyrolysis project in conjunction with the client. Please contact us for more information on our project approach.

BTG services

The services BTG-BTL offers are complemented by those from its parent company BTG. Since its establishment in 1979, BTG has completed over 1,400 assignments. Field experience was gained in more than 80 countries.


For the execution of research and development projects BTG can perform various analyses in house.

Biomass conversion test facilities

A large number of test facilities are available at BTG for the conversion of biomass. These include a pyrolysis oil pilot plant and catalytic high pressure upgrading setups. 

Carbon credit consultancy

BTG has long-standing experience with carbon credit valorisation and trade.

Sustainability issues

BTG pays attention to the sustainable origin of the biomass feedstock. Only sustainable biomass, produced with the best possible carbon and fossil energy savings are accepted. Moreover, areas with high conservation value should be protected and local social and cultural interests should be taken into account.