Heat and power application consultancy

Together with BTG we helped numerous potential end-users of the pyrolysis oil to build a business case for switching from using fossil fuel to sustainable pyrolysis oil for their heat and power supply. For instance by:

  • Assessing the viability of a pyrolysis application based on the customer’s current situation.
  • Permit applications to the local authorities have been prepared by BTL and BTG for small and large scale boiler applications, gas turbine (CHP) applications and a small (250 kWe) diesel engine based CHP system.
  • BTL has made several conceptual and basic designs for these projects as to provide all information required for the permit application.
  • In The Netherlands seven pyrolysis oil based projects in total have been prepared and submitted for our clients, including subsidy applications (SDE).

By replacing natural gas with renewable pyrolysis oil on the FrieslandCampina milk powder production site in Borculo it’s direct carbon emissions have dropped by 15 percent. Each year 10 million m³ of natural gas are saved, which is equivalent to the consumption of 8,000 Dutch households.

BTG-BTL is always interested in helping potential users of pyrolysis oil with this knowledge to develop their projects. Please feel free to contact us and discuss the oppertunities pyrolysis technology could offer your organization.

Technology development

BTG-BTL has actively promoted the application of pyrolysis oil in the heat and power sector. This has been done by initiating research projects with two burner manufacturers and a gas turbine supplier. These projects have resulted in a proof of concept, allowing the companies to offer their equipment on a commercial basis, including guarantees. This has placed these companies in a leading position while at the same time removing technical barriers for potential end-users of pyrolysis oil. 

At BTG-BTL we are continuously looking for new partners to jointly progress the application of pyrolysis oil. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific technology project ideas.


Policy and regulation

BTG has extensive experience in working with local, national and supra-national governments, but also NGO’s and large companies. Examples of implementing pyrolysis oil into policy and regulations include:
  • We demonstrated the sustainability and CO2 reduction that can be achieved by using pyrolysis oil.
  • After actively approaching the Dutch government pyrolysis oil has been accepted in the regulatory system.

To conclude, BTL has gained a lot of experience with all relevant aspects related to the application of pyrolysis oil by end-users.