Feedstock test

BTG-BTL offers feedstock tests to its potential customers to determine the viability of a certain type of biomass as feedstock for BTG-BTL's pyrolysis process. This can be part of a pyrolysis plant BoD or a separate paid assignment we perform for our customers. Feedstock will be delivered by the customer (~25–50 kg dry material) and a small-scale test will be carried out in the 5 kg/hr test unit. Before deciding to proceed with the feedstock test we commonly receive a small sample of the feedstock from our customers. Note that at this time BTG-BTL will only test biomass and not for instance plastics, tires or MSW for its process.

Deliverables/activities of our standard test are:

  • Feedstock analysis (moisture, ash, CHN);
  • Calibration and testing of feeding system;
  • One pyrolysis test at ‘standard’ conditions. This test provides an estimate of the pyrolysis behaviour of  the specific feedstock;
  • Oil analysis (CHN, water content);
  • About 1 litre of product will be made available to the customer;
  • Summary of activities in a short report including a mass balance and the energetic efficiency towards the oil.

This information concerns our 'feedstock screening test'. Please contact us for inquiries regarding our more extensive 'detailed feedstock test'.

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Please feel free to request a non-commital quotation for a feedstock test by filling out this online form. If possible give detailed information about the feedstock (ash and moisture content).

We aim to contact you within three working days after receiving your request. 

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