For energy consumers

As an industrial consumer of heat and power, you might be interested in substituting your current fuel for one that is not only sustainable but also economical. In that case the use of pyrolysis oil may be an interesting option. One can retrofit an existing gas or oil boiler to run on pyrolysis oil and produce green heat and/or electricity today. Due to its GHG savings of around 90% pyrolysis oil can substantially reduce your companies CO2-footprint while at the same time reducing your dependency on fossil fuel prices.

Our current focus for pyrolysis oil application is on medium or large scale (co-) combustion in natural gas, coal or heating oil fired boilers, furnaces and turbines. These systems where electricity, heat and/or steam are produced are usually found in power plants, or at industrial companies which supply their own heat and power demand. Pyrolysis oil also offers unique opportunities for small scale combined heat and power generation (CHP) and for district heating (peak) boilers. Explore the examples on our website to discover the possibilities pyrolysis oil may offer you.

Customer experience

By replacing natural gas with renewable pyrolysis oil on this milk powder production site it’s direct carbon emissions have dropped by 15 percent. Each year 10 million m³ of natural gas are saved, which is equivalent to the consumption of 8,000 Dutch households.

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Heat and Power

Pyrolysis oil can replace heavy and light fuel oils or natural gas in existing power plants. Even more interesting is its use in small scale, decentralized CHP solutions.


Our projects have included pyrolysis oil production plants, basis of design studies, consulting on pyrolysis oil applications, client feedstock testing and oil sample deliveries.

Pyrolysis oil application consultancy

The application of pyrolysis oil is a crucial part of defining a business case. Over the years BTL has gathered a lot of expertise in pyrolysis oil applications, especially heat and power.

image source: Architecten van Mourik