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As an investor you are continuously looking for opportunities to invest in new high-potential technologies and new markets. By investing in pyrolysis technology with us you will be among the first-movers in the market for green energy, biofuels and biobased chemicals.

The market for sustainable, non-food energy and materials will experience huge growth in the decades to come. Explore our website to discover what a sustainable investment in a new pyrolysis plant may offer you, or contact us for more information.

This 4 minute video is about how we built our biomass fast pyrolysis plant Empyro in just 8 days by using the modular building approach.

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Our product

We do not produce pyrolysis oil but instead focus on delivering to our clients the core components of a pyrolysis installation.


Our projects have included pyrolysis oil production plants, basis of design studies, consulting on pyrolysis oil applications, client feedstock testing and oil sample deliveries.

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BTL has a policy of actively seeking cooperation with other companies to gather and create additional expertise.