About us

BTG-BTL is active in the biomass energy sector, and has developed technology to mimic nature. Where the Earth formed oil reserves in millions of years, BTG-BTL is doing it in just 2 seconds.

BTL Team

BTL consists of a team of diverse and enthusiastic professionals. Please meet us on this page.


BTG was officially founded in 1979 at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands. Over the years the company developed rapidly and changed ownership multiple times.

Mission and Vision

BTG-BTL wants to contribute to a cleaner energy supply by substituting fossil fuels with fuels from renewable sources. 

Business partners

BTL has a policy of actively seeking cooperation with other companies to gather and create additional expertise.


BTG-BTL is a daughter company of BTG Biomass Technology Group BV, which is shareholder of multiple daugther companies like BTG Central Europe and Bioheat International.


BTG-BTL offers a wide range of career opportunities from starters to senior professionals. Internships and thesis assignments for all educational levels are available on a regular basis.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Although BTG-BTL is developing the renewable energy technology of the future it is aware of its social responsibility today.