Gerhard Muggen is managing director and shareholder of BTG Bioliquids BV (BTG-BTL). As managing director he is responsible for the strategy of BTG-BTL and the world wide marketing and sales. Gerhard has been working for Holec, Wartsila Diesel and Stork Thermeq the last 20 years. Gerhard worked for Stork Thermeq for 8 years as Sales manager and the last four years as Vice President Marketing and Sales. In the last job he was responsible for the international marketing and sales department and directly involved in the marketing and sales in China, India and Russia. Gerhard was also responsible for organizing and initiating new developments and marketing new technologies. 

Besides his activities for BTG-BTL Gerhard gives lectures about export, business development and innovation and he is a member of the jury of the Fenedex Export Manager Award.

Key personnel


Ardy Toussaint is technical manager and shareholder of BTG Bioliquids BV (BTG-BTL). As technical manager he is responsible for the overall design and construction of the pyrolysis installations. Ardy started his work at Stork Thermeq and has gained wide experience in the design and development of boiler components and systems. Following Stork, Ardy worked for Cofely Energy Outsourcing as a project developer for renewable and energy saving projects. In this job, he was responsible for the overall business case, contracts and the performance of the installations.


Elwin Gansekoele is BTG-BTL’s product specialist. With over 12 years of experience within the BTG Research and Development department with several biomass conversion technologies (like (two stage) gasification, fluidised bed gasification, charcoal etc.) and especially pyrolysis technology. He has built profound knowledge on conversion technology and biomass in general. He was involved in designing, implementing an commissioning the BTG pyrolysis unit in Malaysia. And he has gained  hands-on experience and knowledge in managing the pyrolysis unit in Malaysia during start-up and first operation. He was also involved in the design and construction (1998), and redesign and reconstruction in 2009, of the 250 kg/hr pyrolysis unit in the BTG laboratory.


Ruud Meulenbroek obtained his Bachelor's degree in Advanced Technology and Master's degree in Thermal Engineering at the University of Twente. Graduated at a global oil and gas company and has since then applied his expertise in dynamic computer simulations to our pyrolysis plants.

BTL advisory board


Henk Geut acquired a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology in 1976 and has been active in the chemical, (petro-)chemical and biofuels business since 1968. He started his career as process engineer. In his last position with Aker Solutions Henk has been active as Vice President Technology- New Technologies in the biofuels sector. Henk gained experience in a broad field of processes a.o. in Gas-to-Liquids, methanol to liquids, Natural Gas treatment and biofuels technologies. Henk combines fundamental process technology knowledge with business development and plant configuration experience.



Jac Eekhof took his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Groningen (NL) in 1978; joined Shell as a researcher in Amsterdam laboratories, but soon switched to technology and operations at various production sites and in various chemical processes. Jac’s move to Shell headquarters in The Hague/Amsterdam gave him the opportunity to lead technology groups worldwide; later on he managed a (sales and delivery) team which provided technical services in operations and maintenance in oil, chemicals and energy for Shell, Shell Joint Ventures and other (non-Shell) accounts around the world. In his last years with Shell he led several HR projects. Throughout his career Jac has been involved in many technological, managerial and organisational issues in various cultures, that had to be resolved locally and in a short term.


Paul Koppen de Neve acquired a Masters degree in Physics from Delft University of Technology in 1973 and a Bachelor degree in Business Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1976. Paul worked for three companies, AkzoNobel, Holec Systems & Components and UNA. For the first two companies he was production manager and product manager respectively. In his last job with power generation company UNA he was responsible as Statutory Director for the sale of UNA to Reliant Energy. With 700 million EUR turnover and 1000 staff UNA provided 25% of the Dutch electric power supply. Paul has valuable experience the chemical sector and the electric power sector.


Herman van Wechem acquired his PhD Physical Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam in 1976. Herman joined the Shell Group in The Hague to work in a range of positions. Herman has worked on the GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) technology development process in Bintulu, Malaysia and was Technology Manager of the large and complex Shell refinery in Pernis, The Netherlands. He joined Shell Chemicals as Technology Manager for Catalyst Research & Development and later became Global Manager Innovation & Research at Shell Global Solutions. Research and development areas included a.o.: biomass conversion into biofuels, new GTL concepts and catalyst end hydrogen production from renewable resources. A considerable part of the research activities were executed in collaboration with universities and knowledge institutes around the globe.


Berend van Rhijn acquired his Masters degree Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology in 1973 and worked througout his professional career with AkzoNobel. He started working as a project and process engineer and research coordinator and ultimately became Director process and manufacturing consultancy with AkzoNobel in Arnhem. He worked on a range of chemical processes, including the aramid pilot plant, chlorinated solvents upgrade, methane coupling, solvent recovery, etc.

BTG management

Rene Venendaal


René Venendaal


  • CEO BTG Biomass Technology Group
  • Former vice-chairman of the Dutch Association for Bioenergy
  • Member of Dutch Association of Sustainable Biofuels
  • Member of In Core Team of EC Biofuel Flight Path Program
  • Board member of Bioenergy Cluster East-Netherlands
  • Member of Oil and gas group WTC Twente.

Education and qualifications

  • MSc. Chemical Engineering / Industrial Processes and Products / Process Technology. University of Twente.
  • 2nd thesis on Development Studies, Faculty of Management/ Business Administration. University of Twente.


  • Biomass energy expert with 21 years of international experience.
  • Initiated and supervised the establishment of many BTG subsidiaries and spin-off companies.
  • Involved in the implementation of dozens of bio-energy systems and factories.

Key fields of expertise: project & business development and implementation; technology commercialization; and innovative financing of biomass energy projects.


Bert van de Beld


Bert van de Beld


  • Former member of the program committee for the Dutch Sustainable hydrogen programme.
  • Member of core team on EC flight path program.
  • National representative in IEA pyrolysis task.
  • Former national representative in IEA renewable hydrogen program. 

Education and qualifications

  • Post-graduate course “Process Design”, University of Twente.
  • PhD. Chemical Engineering, University of Twente, Thesis on air purification in reverse flow reactors.
  • MSc. Chemical Engineering, University of Twente.


  • Research scientist with experience in the field of chemical reaction engineering research.
  • Involved in the development of new technologies, the execution of experimental programmes and project management.
  Key fields of expertise: biomass gasification, gas cleaning, reforming in supercritical water ,  renewable hydrogen production and pyrolysis oil application in diesel engines.