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History of BTG BioLiquids BV

In 2007, after delivering a pyrolysis plant to a customer in Malaysia and two test facilities, BTG established BTG BioLiquids B.V. (trade name BTG-BTL) in response to the large amount of requests they were getting from the market concerning their pyrolysis technology. BTG-BTL is dedicated to the worldwide commercial implementation of the fast pyrolysis technology developed by BTG.

Empyro, a 5 t/hr plant (Figure 1) has been designed, built, succesfully taken into operation and sold. Based on the success of Empyro early 2019 BTG-BTL announced it had signed a contract for delivery of a 5 tph pyrolysis plant in Finland.   Currently a pipeline of projects and clients all over the world is lined up. Clients are investors, wood and agro-industry, waste and energy utilities, and oil companies. A historical overview of Fast Pyrolysis research and developments is given in Figure 1. 

BTG-BTL Pyrolysis Plant History
Figure 1. Capacity development BTG-BTL`s pyrolysis technology 

History of BTG Biomass Technology Group

BTG Biomass Technology Group, one of the pioneers in pyrolysis, started the fast pyrolysis developments at the beginning of the nineties with a new reactor concept in which no inert gases were required to enable rapid mixing of biomass and hot bed material. This concept was the result of research done at the University of Twente where rapid mixing was achieved by mechanical mixing inside a rotating cone reactor. Over the years, BTG further improved and optimised the concept. BTG's modified rotating cone technology has resulted in several patents. 

In 1998 BTG finalised the pilot plant on laboratory scale (80-250 kg/hr). A smaller version of 1-5 kg/hr dry biomass input was developed several years later (in 2004) to be able to perform smaller tests with more challenging feedstocks. BTG has successfully tested over 45 different kinds of feedstock over the years, ranging from relatively simple feedstocks like wood to difficult feedstocks like sludge or EFB. In 2005 BTG Biomass Technology Group (The Netherlands) started the demonstration of the technology on Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) in Malaysia on a scale of 2 t/hr. The successful construction of the first production unit was built for and operated by a client in Malaysia.

More information on the history of BTG can be found on their website.

btg-25.jpgBTG has celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012. Starting as a private company in 1987, BTG has developed to one of the leading companies in bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials. 2012 has been a year of celebration with a note from the past and attention for new developments in bio-energy!

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