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BTL has a policy of actively seeking cooperation with other companies to gather additional expertise. For both the construction of our plants and the development of pyrolysis applications this approach has proven very successful so far.

Strategic partner


Zeton is the world’s leading designer and builder of innovative lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and modular commercial plants. They successfully completed more than 700 projects in over 35 countries across 6 continents. Zeton currently employs over 200 employees combined in Burlington, Canada and Enschede, The Netherlands. Zeton is our strategic partner for delivering pyrolysis plants. Together we constructed a 2t/h and a 5t/h pyrolysis plant. 

Business partners

We are proud of our collaboration with a number industry leading partners. Please visit our project page to discover some of the pyrolysis application projects we succesfully delivered or visit the website of the Empyro project for an overview of the partners within this pyrolysis plant consortium.


In implementing and commercialising our fast pyrolysis technology BTL will work in close cooperation with partner and shareholder Tree Power. Tree Power is the trade name of Tree Energy BV which is a subsidiary of SEnS Capital. SEnS Capital is a developer, financier and structurer of renewable energy projects. Tree Power, which has its offices in Woerden, The Netherlands, focusses solely on the conversion of biomass to liquids via pyrolysis technology. 

At BTG-BTL we are continuously looking for new business partners to jointly progress the application of pyrolysis oil. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific project ideas.